Monthly Archives: March 2014

Introducing the new Chair

kath1So this is the first of what I hope will be many posts – including guest posts from APML members.

I have been Librarian at the Naval & Military Club (In & Out) and the East India Club for two years now and was recently delighted to be asked to chair the APML.

My first act as Chairman has been to liaise with James Campbell, author of the wonderful tome of ‘Library Porn’ known as The Library, a World History (see picture) re a forthcoming talk. Needless to say this has been a pleasure and I tried my best not to sound like a complete fangirl.

Looking at the membership it seems to be divided between Gentlemen’s Clubs and Institutes, which means that some approaches are quite different: the Clubs tend to be much more inwardly focused, whereas the Institutes are more concerned with promoting their activities, which makes for an interesting combination and many lively discussions.

Following on from our last meeting, during which we were given an excellent presentation on Social Networking by Sarah Day from the Geological Society, I thought I’d share an idea I spotted on Twitter with you. Did you know that you could link images from your Pinterest account to your online catalogue? Something worth exploring if you enjoy pinning.

Anyway, as I am at work at in the East India Club library, I must get back to my curatorial duties, which today include cleaning several 19th Century travelogues. Looking forward to more speculation on the superhighway…..