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kath2Some of you may have read the Guardian article recently about how we’ve all gone ‘retronauting’ mad, sharing old photographs (and if you haven’t you should, so I’m linking to it here!): http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/apr/13/retronaut-photographs-vintage-pictures-twitter-historyinpix-indiahistorypic-nostalgia-history

I am not going into the socio-politico-economic reasons behind this, but I thought that, as we are all in our own ways, working with the History of London, I’d share some of my favourite photo-related blogs with you (in no particular order).

Having said that, this is probably my favourite: ‘The Gentle Author’s Spitalfields Life blog, which includes a daily feature on an aspect of that area’s rich history, complete with photographs and interviews. http://spitalfieldslife.com/ The author, who likes to keep their identity a secret, is also to be found on Twitter @thegentleauthor.

Another London blogger I like is London Mush on Twitter, who posts lots of old 35mm slides of London past.

A similar Twitter blog – London Life aka @Rima1731 is also worth following for the photos.

And finally – with my East India Club hat on, I must give an honourable mention to @IndiaHistoryPic without whose daily dose of Indian life, my EIC Library would be a less colourful place.

Do you have a favourite Twitter account or blog, you want to share with us?

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